Organizational Performance Improvement

We engaged The Business Bloodhound to help us address performance issues in our business that were preventing us from achieving our profit targets.

Our consultant performed a deep dive analysis into our business to understand how the different parts of the business fit together, at the same time identifying the processes that were preventing us from working efficiently.  Equipped with the results of her analysis, our consultant ran a workshop with our management team to come up with process changes that would eliminate unnecessary, non-value adding steps that were adding an extra layer of costs to our business and increasing lead times for service delivery (both internally within the organization and externally to our clients).    Once we, as a management team, agreed on and were committed to making the necessary changes in our business, our consultant led us through those changes, and provided us with ongoing post-implementation support.

The results speak for themselves: our costs are lower and we have improved service delivery times.

We felt that our consultant took a personal interest in our business and welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

– Krisen, CEO, Krisen Consulting Services

We approached The Business Bloodhound to design a solution for our company that will ensure optimization of our working capital and higher cash flow returns on investment.

Using our historical company data, The Business Bloodhound designed and implemented a powerful financial dashboard which provides our management team with up-to-date information enabling us to make informed business decisions.

The dashboard also empowers us to set achievable financial goals at the beginning of each quarter, enabling us to measure our performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  The numbers don’t lie, hence understanding our numbers keeps us focused and aligned with our overall business strategy.

We strongly recommend The Business Bloodhound as an innovative consulting firm, which is practical in its approach to designing relevant performance solutions.

   – Rodney, Trade Cars Direct Ltd.